Ffilmiau Cymunedol Davies Community Films

Lal Davies and Huw Davies are film-makers who have worked together for 12 years on film and multi-media projects with communities across Wales, the UK and internationally. They work mostly in short-film, first-person narrative format. Davies Community Films has made films in schools; community halls; youth clubs; social clubs and even up mountains - wherever there are people and stories. We offer the tool of film to provide people with a voice.

Most recently they have captured the experiences of young people in the criminal justice and care systems for a research project for the Family Law Centre at University of Liverpool. Commissions in 2013 included film and multi-media projects for Age Concern; Ceredigion Museum ('Out on the Town'); Aberystwyth Arts Centre; University of Glamorgan.

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Photomission Workshop


The Pitch: turn up and hear the idea

The Team: you don't know us yet....but you will

The Mission: get a text every few hours and take the best photograph of the subject in that text (single-use camera supplied)

The Reveal: get together with the others who have taken part, vote for the best photographs for each text

The Reveal: get your photographs into a film and an exhibition

The Catch??? you need a mobile phone to get the text ( or pick up the message on this website)

What have you got to lose??? we can't think of anything.