Through workshops, events, exhibitions, and open conversations, the Corwen Field Stwdio explores art-based solutions to Corwen’s futures. The Stwdio collaborates with local groups, residents, youth, neighbors, and the local landscape. Mon-Sat 12-3


Camp Little Hope

Camp Little Hope uses art, research, and design to imagine new ways of relating to nature and the commons. They organise events, build installations, and design objects that inspire communities, explore environmental issues, and invent new futures.

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Davies Community Films

Lal Davies and Huw Davies are film-makers who have worked together for 12 years on film and multi-media projects with communities across Wales, the UK and internationally. Davies Community Films has made films in schools; community halls; youth clubs; social clubs and even up mountains - wherever there are people and stories.

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Ben Davis & Jude Wood

Ben and Jude are freelance community Artists.


Biodiversity Inventory

June 7, 14, 21 July 5 and 12

Meet us in The Field Beside the Car Park at 2pm to participate in our weekly inventory of plant biodiversity. As the meadow grows tall we’ll be auditing the different grasses and plants that flourish and bloom. Plants will be sampled and pressed at the Corwen Field Stwdio. These inventories will inform the field’s management in the coming years.

Painting Open House

June 19-21

Come to the Corwen Field Stwdio during our open hours to participate in the creation of an aerial portrait of The Field Beside the Car Park. Working from our own aerial photographs we will create a large painting of the field.

Community Planting Day

June 21

Join us in the field to help plant black poplar and linden trees in the field and install rabbit protection around them. We will also reinstall the community orchard sign and scatter wildflower seed.

Imagine Corwen Workshop

June 25-27

Using the painted table-top as a platform, we will imagine different futures for Corwen by creating models of new structures and features for the town.
Monday - Friday 12 - 3pm
Thursday 5 - 8pm

Rural Works

June 28-29

Rural Works is a two day seminar that will use Corwen, Wales as a case study to explore how an arts-led awareness of the local environment - built, natural and cultural - can shape community conscious regeneration efforts.

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Garden Party

July 5 12-3pm

The Art Action Plan will combine research and activities spanning the last few years into a comprehensive art plan for Corwen. During the Garden Party we will present the ideas gathered in the plan and provide another opportunity for community input before drafting the final plan.